E. E. Moiseyenko Art Gallery

The gallery opened its doors to visitors on 25 August 2007. The gallery is named after E. E. Moiseyenko, the outstanding People's Artist of the USSR, the member of the Academy of Fine Arts of the USSR, the Hero of Socialist Labor, a professor of painting. The history of the gallery begins on 15 June 1999, when Buda-Koshelyov District hosted the 1st International Slavic Open-Air of E. E. Moiseenko, and this event gathered artists from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. The most important work for the gallery is a sketch by E. E. Moiseyenko (1946). Nowadays, there are no paintings of the artists in the country, except the one in the gallery. The gallery funds are expanded due to International Slavic open airs and paintings gifted by fellow artists. The main fund of the art gallery has more than 358 exhibits, and there are over 900 ones in the additional fund. The picture gallery collaborates with the Zhlobin local History Museum, the G.Kh. Vashchenko Picture Gallery, the L. N. Drobov Octoberskaya Art Gallery, Gomel Art School, the Palace and Park Ensemble, and other institutions. The gallery arranges and conducts cultural and educational activities: courage lesion, information sessions dedicated to different dates and events, movie shows, meetings with experts, virtual tours, and different exhibitions.

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